We want to ensure that your jewellery and watches stand the test of time and are safe from deterioration. That is why we offer an extensive list of services.

Jewellery & Diamond Cleaning

In order to ensure its everlasting beauty, a jewellery requires gentle care. We usually forget that over the years of wear, the pieces start to fade. So the best practice to keep the jewellery shiny is by cleaning it at regular intervals. No matter how you clean it yourself, your jewellery will never look as shiny as it used to when it was new. If you want it to look as good as new, get it to Jeremy Fleming Jewellers. Diamonds are one of the most precious jewels and in order to keep them sparkly, one should get them cleaned every once in a while. Accumulation of dust, natural skin oils, dirt, lotions, etc at the back of the diamond during the course of its regular wear, blocks light and makes it appear dull. Diamond cleaning is a gentle process and needs expert attention to detail. Lucky for you, we at Jeremy Fleming Jewellers, provide complimentary diamond cleaning services. Our jewellery cleaning process includes polishing as well as steam cleaning while ensuring that your jewellery is in good condition.

Onsite Jewellery Repairs

Jeremy Fleming Jewellers specialises in jewellery repairs in Sale, Vic as well as Traralgon, Vic. Our master jewellers are trained professionals with the experience and training to handle any repair - from ring sizing to delicate jewellery restorations. All the jewellery repairs are done at our premises and we can assure you that your jewellery never leaves our door and hence, it is safe with us.

watch repairs

Has your watch stopped working? Get to Jeremy Fleming Jewellers. We have skilled professionals who can service all types of quartz and mechanical timepieces. The common watch repairs we do includes battery replacements, complete overhauls, new watch glasses, band adjustments and replacement pins. We can assure you that if you get your watch to us, it will be restored to its original glory.

insurance quotations & valuations

We understand that jewellery can be one’s most priced possession and therefore, we recommend our customers to get them insured before suffering a loss. The expert professionals at Jeremy Fleming Jewellers will accurately appraise your jewellery & prepare its valuations after which we provide appropriate quotation for your jewellery insurance. Such a quotation gives you an idea about how much the insurance will cost you.

Pearl Re-stringing

Jeremy Fleming Jewellers provides professional pearl re-stringing service . If you wear your pearls very often and see a space between them, this means that it’s time to get them stringed again. At Jeremy Fleming Jewellers, we perform stringing work using the best quality materials. So, why wait any longer? Get your pearls stringed by us!

custom design

Couldn’t find the jewellery you always wanted?

Design any jewellery style you desire and our expert jewellery designers will turn it into reality and it certainly won’t disappoint you.